Massage Therapists

Nate Townsend


Through Nate’s resilience in life and hard work, he has excelled at almost everything he has dedicated his time to. Nate is a fitness enthusiast that wanted a better understanding of how muscles work. Therefore enrolling into the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program 3000 hrs at Makami College, was the next step in furthering his career, and fulfilling his passion for body mechanics. His number one career goal as a therapist, is to always stay educated and keep learning about the body. Nate is passionate about how the body functions & is motivated to help others get to the root of every ailment. By continuously being open to learning new skills he is able to better assist his clients during their treatment. Nate has also competed in bodybuilding competitions and earned 1st place in his first men’s physique show, beating all other competitors in his class.

Nate’s wellness advice to all his guests is, “A healthy outside, starts from the inside.”