Groups & classes

Not Your Average Fitness Class

Fitness classes can be stressful, ineffective, and difficult to keep up with.

Not at Synapse.

Our dedicated group fitness and movement classes offer techniques and exercises for any physical need, personal goal, and experience level. We bring personalized training to group classes so you can get the attention you need without the fluff.

Classes are limited to 12 participants and run 7 days a week. Book your class today!

Exclusive Group Training

Our exclusive group training gives you the same experience as one-on-one personal training with the flexibility and comfort of a group setting.

Every participant will get personalized attention from our experienced trainers. Our classes are limited to 12 participants per class so your instructor can give you the attention you deserve while maintaining an appropriate intensity level to challenge you.

No more wondering, “did I do that right?” We’ll make sure you do.

Your first class is completely free. Book today!

Movement Clinics

Booking a movement assessment is the first step in your fitness and healthcare journey with Synapse. Our movement assessment gives us a foundation of where your body currently is with posture, alignment, and general mobility. From there, we can recommend specific treatments, such as classes, personal training, or other therapies based on your needs.

Sport Training

Whether you’re playing for or managing a team, we can help you run, skate, throw, kick, turn, catch, and hit better!

As with everything we do at Synapse, we must walk before we run. Our functional movement and bodily awareness approach can help you and your team play with a competitive edge.

You’ll learn how to play your best by understanding the right way to move your body. Start by booking a class or free movement assessment.

Why Groups & Classes?

Our private and group classes are designed to give you the same benefits of one-on-one training without the added cost.

These classes are for you if:

Your first class is on us!