Movement Therapy

Helping You Move Better

Movement therapy is designed for you, by our experts, to help improve your mobility, strength, and flexibility while uncovering the root cause of any pain or injuries.

Synapse is here to help you move better, no matter where you are in life.

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Personal Training

We call it training, but it's completely unique.

We start by teaching your body how to move more efficiently. Our bodies can become conditioned to certain ways of functioning, and our job is to help your body understand the right way to move to keep you healthy and strong.

We use this knowledge to help you reach your goals.

All of the personal trainers at Synapse are teachers. With over 100+ years of combined experience in health and fitness, our priority to truly help our clients is what sets us apart from any of your previous experiences with health and fitness.

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free Movement Assessment

Booking a movement assessment is the first step in your fitness and healthcare journey with Synapse.

Our movement assessment gives us a foundation of where your body currently is with posture, alignment, and general mobility. From there, we can recommend specific treatments, such as classes, personal training, or other therapies based on your needs.

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Why Movement Therapy?

Movement therapy could be right for you if:



The Synapse Story

Synapse Health & Fitness strives to be an industry leader in proactive health and wellness. Through a collaborative approach, we aim to be the most trusted wellness facility in the Calgary area.

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