David Low

I have dealt with recurrent shoulder and other ligament/joint injuries for my entire adult life. I have been to multiple different physiotherapists and have never found any lasting success or relief from injury.

I have now been going to Chad at Synapse for the past year and it has truly been life changing. I have never felt better! It has been incredible to not be regularly dealing with injuries that have prevented me in the past from skiing, biking, golf, and other activities. I had become accustomed to shoulder pain and reduced range of motion with regular day to day activities. I’m now pain free and feel better than I have in over 20 years.

I’ve been so impressed with Chad’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology. I’m a doctor and I feel like I should be referring every one of my patients to Synapse. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Jennifer Webster

Synapse is my happy place. I came to this gym in Dec. 2021 because of a herniated disk in my neck. I was potentially going to require surgery and I was in a lot of pain on a daily basis. My condition also made it very difficult to do my job.

Chad helped me work through everything with specialized exercises and gradually, the pain disappeared. In April 2022, my doctors told me I would not require surgery. I am truly grateful for the improvement in my quality of life and I have no intentions of going backwards.

Janet Henderson

You can muscle through an exercise and never improve your stability that you need for mobility. Everyone should invest in a private training session to learn about body mechanics. There are not enough superlatives for my experience at Synapse.

Shelley Koch

Synapse is an exceptional fitness facility with highly skilled Trainers that are committed to helping their clients achieve their personal fitness goals !!

Lisa McGregor

I signed up to gain strength and help with pain from plantar fasciitis…6 weeks in and am realizing they provide so much more at Synapse.

I’m learning how to walk properly (!), correct poor posture habits, and be more mindful of how I engage in any physical activity (core).

Staff are professional, knowledgeable, patient, and have a total health approach to training. They also make it fun and challenging and so I look forward to every session.

Dan Glickman

I am still working on my recovery after shoulder surgery, but I have been working with Benji for a while now and I am noticing a huge difference in my posture and my extended range of movement in both my shoulders. I / we still have a ways to go but so far so good!

Erin Richards

I get a great workout at Synapse. The small sizes allow for instructors to give me feedback on form and this prevents me getting injured or hurt during my workouts. There are a variety of things to choose from, the environment is friendly and welcoming, and there is a range of activities. I’m never bored. I always sweat and work hard. Everyone is so kind and every instructor is knowledgeable and professional.

Ed Brown

Three years ago, I began personal training two days a week with Sue and Tanja shortly after Synapse opened. Membership in a club was never a problem for me but attendance was an issue. I was never motivated to work out by myself. My trainers have helped me build core strength and manage arthritis in my left knee and hip by keeping me active. My posture from years of working at a desk also needed improvement. Building incremental muscle mass has also helped me lose and manage my weight. The atmosphere is very comfortable at Synapse and working out is fun. My training sessions are adjusted to address any new body challenges. I recently have added a couple of weekly group session TRX with Chad and Kin Stretch with Sam. I am amazed how much my health has improved working with this very knowledgeable and professional team.

dave sarles

As an active older man I needed to add flexibility to my workout. Chad suggested I try Kinstretch with Sam. It has been amazing! I’ve been going to Sam’s classes on Tuesday mornings for a month now and I find it’s opened my joints and muscles and made me feel looser and so much better. I’m hoping I can find the time in the near future to start her Thursday classes also.
Sam has been great and accommodating to her students and able to modify the exercises as needed for individuals with physical problems.
Synapse has a calm and pleasant atmosphere.
I have to give a five star rating