Why do we offer a Movement Assessments & First Group Fitness class for free?

It’s been a long time telling yourself you were going to make a change and now you are finally ready to do it. Where do you start?

  1. With so many different gyms in Calgary, how do you choose the right facility? What makes a good facility? Maybe choosing the facility isn’t your challenge and in reality, you just don’t know how to exercise properly.
  2. So, what does exercising properly even mean? Can a personal trainer show me how to do it? Is individual training for me and can they even help me? Or do I prefer to exercise in a group fitness class type of setting?
  3. Oh wow, there are so many different group fitness options in Calgary. What classes do I enjoy? I’ve tried that class before and it wasn’t my thing. Was it the instructor or the class? What makes a good group training instructor? Are the instructors at this facility any good?
And we’ve gone full circle, back to how you choose the right facility. Choosing the right gym in Calgary will dictate the type and quality of service they offer, but can their staff actually help you? Here are some reasons we offer your Movement Assessments and the First Exclusive Group Training class for free:
  1. Movement Assessments help you discover where you are starting, helping our Movement Specialists and Personal Trainers figure out if they are the right people to help you. If they aren’t the right professional, it doesn’t make any sense to make you pay for an assessment.
  2. Exercising and movement is something we should be excited to do and working with a Personal Trainer you connect with keeps both the trainer and the client motivated to keep moving. It is reality that some personalities aren’t a match, and our Movement Assessments give us the chance to learn more about each other.
  3. Similar to the previous point, whether we enjoy a group fitness class is influenced by the instructor. Every group training class and instructor has a different vibe to it, and there is nothing worse than paying for something you don’t enjoy. Giving your first group fitness class in Calgary for free lets you dip your toe in the water to see if you’re in the right place.
  4. What if it’s not the instructor and you just don’t enjoy the class? Not everyone likes to dance and not everyone likes weight lifting. Trying out the group fitness class that you are most excited for free helps uncover the best class to keep you moving.

Outside of offering Assessments and your first group fitness class in Calgary for FREE, Synapse Health & Fitness operates on No Contracts, No Memberships and No Minimum Purchases.

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