Exclusive Group Training Class: ZUMBA

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What is Zumba?

Zumba is a fitness program that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance, but it is so much more than that. Dance to great music, with great people and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. It was founded by Colombian dancer and choreographer Beto Pérez in 2001 and by 2012 it had 110,000 locations offering classes and 12 million people taking classes weekly. Zumba choreography is composed using all or some of sixteen core steps. There are four basic rhythms: salsa, reggaeton, merengue, and cumbia. The real uniqueness of Zumba is about the instructor that teaches it.

About the Instructor

Diana joined our team in 2022 as an Exclusive Group Training instructor to teach Zumba classes, but her experience in dance instruction goes back further than that. She started dancing when she was only three years old and her Mom registered for her Diana Parnell, ZUMBA Instructor for Group Fitness Classes at Synapse Health & Fitness Diana Parnell, Instructor first dance class.

She didn’t know what she was getting into to, but discovered a love for the costumes and being on stage.

After years of dancing as a child, she ended up becoming the dance captain for the Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL football team. From there, she worked with choreographers from all over the world including Los Angeles, California. Both of these opportunities led her to getting selected to be on the talent show ‘Canada’s Best’.

Now, Diana spends her time sharing her love of movement through teaching. She loves the way her body feels when it moves to music, comparing it to the feeling of flying. That feeling is what she loves passing on to her Exclusive Group Training classes through Zumba. Diana is brining more than 25 years of experience to Synapse Health & Fitness for this group fitness class unlike any other Zumba class in the city.

Diana Parnell, Instructor

Diana Parnell, Instructor

About the Class

After spending years in dance studios, surrounded by favoritism and politics, Diana is focused on building a welcoming group training class that is a good fit for anyone. One of the biggest concerns when entering a new Zumba class is feeling embarrassed dancing in a group training setting. That is why she has committed to keeping class sizes small enough to make sure everyone feels like they know what they are doing, but big enough where the spotlight isn’t on just one person. The biggest advantage to working out in her group classes is her willingness to modify the moves and their speed to accommodate every body. More often than not in group fitness classes, the instructor is what makes the class. After chatting with Diana for only a few minutes, her vibrant and welcoming approach to dance helps keep everyone feeling comfortable and having fun.

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