Memoirs of a Fitness Professional

Memoirs of a fitness professional are first hand experiences that provide a behind the scenes look into stories that led our Movement Specialists to a career in Health and Wellness.

Dear Club Synapse,

Growing up it was always a point of tension when my grandfather wanted to take photos at family functions. Even though I knew it was coming, the announcement of ‘time for a photo!’ was almost always followed by unenthusiastic murmuring among his own children and grandchildren. As a former college athlete, his form was impeccable: He would line up across from us in a quarter squat, steady his eye behind the camera, stick his tongue out to one side of his mouth (like Michael Jordan) and just before he would say something ridiculous that had a 50/50 shot at making us smile, he would encourage ‘proper’ posture – telling us to sit up nice and tall.

In fear of making some of you feel old I will not share my age, but I will share some experiences of my upbringing to help give you an idea. When I was a kid, smoking was still allowed indoors. I had a traditional soother – in contrast to the modern day version that involves a pair of headphones and a touch screen. I started my life without recreational access to computers and cell phones but was lucky enough to have them introduced at an early age. I still remember our first desktop, built like a tank that wasn’t afraid of invading our landline if I dared use them at the same time. Even though I spent a large portion of my childhood upright and active – growing older came with more responsibility, and more responsibility came with more sitting down.

As I sit in front of my desk to write this post, there is one saying that I cant evade: Sitting is the new smoking. Even though it should be taken with a grain of salt, one thing that quitting smoking and good posture do have in common is that they are both simple, just not easy. 10 years of experience working in one form or another of Personal Training has shown first hand the negative impact sitting has on on our bodies. We are beginning to see the negative impact of sitting on our clients bodies at an even younger age.

Whether my Grandfathers attempt at educating us on proper posture was right or wrong, it was really the only exposure I had as a kid or teenager when it came to learning what it may or may not have meant. Little did I know, it had been creeping in the background: squatting in the gym, sitting in the office, standing in the kitchen and everywhere in between.

Yours truly,

Benji Smith, B.Kin
Synapse Movement Specialist


Overcoming injury and obesity led Benji to study Kinesiology. His education and the clients he has worked with helped him discover the value of practicing movement as therapy. This type of therapy has become part of his practice as a Human Development coach, helping others use their mind, body and spirit to lead them to the life they want to live.

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