What makes Exclusive Group Training different than Group Fitness?

We’ve all been there before – you’re excited to try out a new gym with different fitness classes. You get to the facility, get changed and walk into a jam packed room with the regulars shmoozing each other and talking about how they’ve been. If you have a good instructor, they’ve introduced themselves before starting. Otherwise, the class starts at a high tempo, leaving you lost on whether you are doing any of the exercises correctly. On top of that, you feel like you can’t keep up with the instructor or other participants in the class. You get a good sweat on, but are left wondering if there is something more that you may have missed.

Believe it or not, we heard the exact same sentiment from our clients and the instructors. Here is what makes our Exclusive Group Training different than any other group fitness offering in Calgary.

1. Limited Class Sizes for better Instruction

We’ve all been to our first group fitness class at a new facility and it can be hard not to feel like a small fish in a big pond. Having such big classes is challenging both for participants and the instructors that lead the classes. In most classes, group fitness instructors are asked to stick to the front of the class. This is challenging for both the instructor and the clients in the class. If you have ever worked with a personal trainer, you will see them move around the space to get different angles during an exercise.
It is impossible for group fitness instructors to maintain the quality of instruction with only one viewing angle. That is why we have limited class sizes to improve the group instruction, giving you the personal training experience while maintaining the group fitness vibe.

2. no choreography to allow for Exercise Modifications

Believe it or not, the majority of the group fitness offerings you see at other gyms in Calgary are largely choreographed. This helps with consistency between group fitness classes and their instructors, but assumes that every body in the class moves the same. If an exercise is too challenging for the body, or the group fitness participant doesn’t execute the movement efficiently they will like end up injuring themselves down the road. Piggy backing on the limited class sizes for better instruction, our group training instructors provide exercise modifications unique to each individual to help prevent an injury from occurring.

3. Variety of class options for everybody & every body

Despite giving the instructors more freedom on the structure of their classes we understand that depending on the person and the day, not every Exclusive Group Training class is going to be a fit. That is why we introduced a rating system to help navigate all of our group fitness offerings.
  • Blue Classes: This level of Exclusive Group Training are our lowest intensity classes. They are great for everyone, bringing you back to the fundamentals and helping you learn and improve the way you move.
  • Yellow Classes: This level of group fitness classes are medium-low intensity and a good way to work on your strength and stamina. These group training offerings are great for those building onto the blue classes, or are looking to get back into shape.
  • Orange Classes: These classes are for those looking for medium-high intensity group training and are suggested for those who have a strong foundation of physical activity in their lives.
  • Red Classes: This type of Exclusive Group Training are high intensity and good for those who have established their level of fitness and want to take it to the next level.

4. Our instructors are the best in Calgary - literally!

Synapse Health & Fitness is home to some of the most experienced and qualified group fitness instructors in Calgary. Shown in the photo to the left, Tania White was named one of Canada’s Top Group Fitness Instructors in 2021. She teaches Core & Restore and The Empower Hour. Our Zumba instructor Diana Parnell has been teaching choreographed dance for more than 25 years. Chad Halford, group instructor for TRX, The Essentials and Athlete Camp has been teaching for more than 17 years. All of our group fitness classes are led by experienced movement specialists ready to help you reach your goals.


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